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Positions Staffed

Most positions can be staffed on either a full-time or part–time basis (fewer than 30 hours per week). They may also be live-in or live-out.

Child Care


A nanny’s primary responsibility is child care. Our nannies are qualified for the serious responsibility of caring for the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and recreational needs of your children.

In addition to providing a loving, nurturing and playful environment, a nanny is responsible for basic physical needs such as toileting and bathing, meal preparation, children's laundry and clothing care. Moreover, experienced nannies are responsible for the supervision of playtime and activities, discipline (as needed and in a manner you’ve agreed upon), learning and language activities, assisting with schoolwork and transportation, and child-related housekeeping such as tidying up bedrooms and playrooms and cleaning the kitchen after meals. Some nannies also vacuum, do dishes, and shop for groceries and other essentials.

Nannies are valuable and trusted members of a household, and often are considered part of the family.

Baby Nurses

Baby nurses help new mothers with every aspect of baby care, from feeding to washing clothes to maintaining the nursery to changing diapers. (Baby nurses typically do not have any duties outside of the nursery.) This is normally a temporary position worked in 12-hour or 24-hour shifts for several weeks or months.

Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum doulas primarily care for the needs of new mothers. Many new mothers require a few days or weeks to recuperate from childbirth, but they still want to shoulder the lion’s share of their baby’s physical care. A breastfeeding mother may ask a doula to go to the supermarket while she nurses, have her prepare simple meals and snacks, and rely on her for light household tasks such as doing laundry or taking phone messages. A postpartum doula may also play with older children so the mother can rest. She may work a few hours during the day or stay overnight.

Elder Care

Elder-Care Companions

Maintaining independence is important for older people, particularly as their dependence on others grows. Your parent or other loved one may need extra help with day-to-day activities but prefers to remain in the comfort and familiarity of home. We can provide practical, emotional support for an aging relative on a part-time, full-time or 24-hour live-in basis.

A range of non-medical services are offered including companionship and conversation, light housekeeping, errand running, transportation to and from doctors’ offices, meal preparation, and medication reminders. Our experienced companions are warm and nurturing and will keep your loved one occupied and healthy. Our philosophy? We only place companions we would trust with our own parents. Give your loved one and yourself peace of mind and call Wee Care Nanny Agency today

Home Staff


Butlers/valets are typically responsible for a single residence. They supervise staff, set up the home and ensure duties are fulfilled. They order supplies, set and serve a formal table, care for silver, china, linen and crystal, and oversee parties and events. Butlers have a strong knowledge of wines


Chauffeurs drive family and guests to and from social and professional appointments. They care for the family car, ensuring it is always clean, well maintained and filled with gas. They may also do administrative duties or run errands. Many drivers have a military or law-enforcement background. Since hours constantly vary, flexibility is a must.


Chefs are responsible for anything and everything food or kitchen related, including organization, clean up, shopping, menu planning – and of course, cooking. A chef prepares detailed menus and food for family/social events and may cook for staff. Some are basic cooks, while others are degreed, gourmet professionals.

Domestic Couples

These are typically married couples – usually, one spouse manages the inside of the home (cleaning, cooking, shopping, menu planning, laundry, serving and day-to-day household activities), while the other maintains the outside grounds and gardens, including car care. In formal estates, couples generally oversee only the inside of the home. Generally, this is a live-in position.


Housekeepers run the home, including coordinating other staff, cleaning, laundry/ironing, dusting/vacuuming, polishing, running errands, and some meal preparation and/or childcare. They can be live-in or live-out.

House Managers

House managers assume many responsibilities. They oversee one or multiple residences, and no detail is too large or too small. House managers have considerable input – and often sole discretion – regarding all hiring (housekeepers, cooks/chefs, laundresses, landscapers, gardeners, pool maintenance staff, drivers and butlers).

They are responsible for training; scheduling and supervising of staff; and overseeing the planning/preparation of entertaining, events, business functions, and contractor/vendor scheduling/interactions. Additional duties include supervising food purchasing/handling, maintaining wine inventories, maintaining security systems, making travel arrangements and managing the household budget.

The house manager is often responsible for coordinating remodeling/redecorating of one or several homes, overseeing the acquisition and care of properties, art, antiques and more. A "team captain," the house manager must work well with employers and employees. Flexibility is a must, as he or she is often on call.


Housemen usually manage the heavy housework: cleaning floors, vacuuming and polishing silver and brass, caring for the front entry area and walkways. In houseman-only homes, they fill in on housekeeping duties as well.

Personal Assistants

Personal assistants keep up with an employer’s social and professional demands, including arranging reservations, travel bookings, ticket purchases, event planning, secretarial duties, shopping and running errands.