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Corporate Back-up Care

Corporate Back-up Care

Your business depends on your employees being able to come to work. But even the most dedicated staffers won’t make it to the office if they have child-care issues. Anything from children with the sniffles, a mild stomach bug, nannies who don’t show up, to school snow days can throw a wrench into your employees’ plans.

Wee Care Sitters offers back-up childcare for your company. We provide exceptionally warm and nurturing sitters to stay with your employees’ children--in their own homes and on their own terms. Give your employees the peace of mind that comes with being able to do their very best knowing their children are being cared for by the very best.

How It Works

  1. Your employee signs on as an annual member of Wee Care Sitters, Wee Care Nanny Agency’s temporary child-care branch, at the reduced rate of $180 per year (a 10% savings over our regular rate of $199).

  2. When your employee requires back-up care, he or she calls us directly. After assessing the family’s needs, we will arrange for one of our experienced nannies to come to your employee’s home.

    We charge an $18 booking fee for daily back-up care, or $25 if care is needed for more than four hours. There’s an extra $10 fee if the booking is an emergency, and another $10 if the care is needed on a holiday.

  3. Your employee pays our agency fees via credit card. He or she will pay the nanny, however, directly at the end of a shift. Our nannies typically charge $18 to $25 an hour. We will always inform your employee of a particular nanny’s rates before sending her out on a job.

Tailored to Your Company

Just as no two companies are exactly alike, there’s no one-size-fits-all plan for corporate back-up care. Only you can determine the needs of your firm and employees. We can customize a plan to your specifications.

You decide:

  • which employees are eligible to sign up for back-up care with us, whether the whole company or just your top management team
  • how many days of back-up care per year you’d like to offer eligible employees
  • how much of our agency and nanny fees you’d like to reimburse eligible employees

Our back-up Nannies

We use only experienced nannies to fill any back-up babysitting positions. All of our nannies have a minimum of two years of professional childcare experience and are thoroughly screened. Our temporary nannies are either supplementing their current full-time nanny positions, interviewing for permanent nanny positions, or filling in prior to starting their new full-time positions. We send out only highly qualified nannies whom we would trust with our own children.

Additional Benefits of Membership in Wee Care Sitters:

  • If a member decides to hire their current temporary nanny on a permanent basis, Wee Care will credit all booking fees paid for the temporary nanny toward the long-term placement fee.
  • Priority status over nonmembers when employees need temporary coverage.
  • Access to our after-hours cell phone number for emergency coverage, which is answered from 7 am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 6 pm on weekends.
  • Reduced rate on daily booking fee all temporary providers including- nannies, sitters, companions, party servers, and cleaners