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Temporary Nannies

This service, part of Wee Care Sitters, is for clients who need a nanny to work a set schedule per week for a short period of time (usually 1 to 20 weeks or more). The goal of the temporary nanny service is to help clients get through a lapse in childcare coverage or a period of uncertainty about whether to hire a nanny. If you decide to hire your current temporary nanny on a permanent basis, Wee Care will credit all booking fees paid for the temporary nanny toward the long-term placement fee. Membership in Wee Care Sitters ($199 annually) is required to use the temporary nanny service.

Temporary nannies are experienced and qualified for the serious responsibility of caring for the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and recreational needs of your children. In addition to providing a loving, nurturing and playful environment, a nanny is responsible for basic physical needs such as toileting and bathing, meal preparation, children's laundry and clothing care. Moreover, experienced nannies are responsible for the supervision of playtime and activities, discipline (as needed and in a manner you’ve agreed upon), learning and language activities, helping with schoolwork, transportation, and child-related housekeeping such as tidying bedrooms and playrooms and cleaning the kitchen after meals.

Summer nannies offer excitement and a lot of fun for your children during the season. Your summer nanny can engage your children with outings to the museum, park, zoo, beach/swimming pool and form play groups

Temporary nanny service fees:

  • Annual (365 days) membership fee in Wee Care Sitters: $199
  • Daily booking fee: $25 per day or $395 per month (whichever is less)

What can I expect to pay my temporary nanny?

The rates nannies charge will vary based on the nanny’s experience, education, job details and number of children to be cared for. Generally, experienced nannies earn between $16 and $25 per hour for temporary childcare. Overnight nannies (dinner to breakfast) generally earn between $150 and $250 per calendar day. You employ the nanny and pay her directly at the end of the day or week.