Personalized Education

Every child is unique, and deserves to learn in a way that clicks with them. With children staying home from school more, custom education can stand up to and even surpass traditional options. With changing circumstances come new opportunities. That’s where in-home, in-person education comes in. Kids need continued mental stimulation to learn and grow in a competitive world. Wee Care Nanny has expanded its services to fill this important need for private educators. Your family can make the most of uncertain times and get the edge that personalized educational instruction offers!

Quality Educators

Wee Care is known for connecting highly-skilled, trusted care providers with discerning families. Now we are vetting certified private educators -including former teachers, part-time teachers, research and education specialists, and college-educated nannies. All our instructors have bachelor’s degree at minimum. Compensation is based on professional experience, educational background, requirements of the position and current market rates. Therefore, salaries are subject to variability. In general, private educators earn from $35 to $75+ per hour. Wee Care will work with you and the private educator to determine an appropriate compensation. Our private educators have a passion for helping young minds to grow.

Advantages of Private Teachers

1-on-1 and small group classes are far more effective for learning, research shows

Private teachers go at the student’s pace, challenging while instilling confidence!

Prefer Montessori? Waldorf? Classical? Unschooling? Just supplementing the child’s schoolwork? We can match you with a teacher experienced in your preferred educational style, and blend techniques to optimize your child’s learning

You or the private educator can pick the curriculum tailored to your child’s level


Benefits of Wee Care Private Teaching Services

Professional Client Consultation

Employment Specific Recruiting

$350 Retainer Fee (Credited towards Referral Fee)

90-Day Free-Replacement Period

1-Week Trial Period (Prior to official hire and upon request)

Degree Verification (Upon request)

Extensive Criminal Background Checks

Sample Employment Agreement

Complimentary 1-year Temporary/Sitting Service Enrollment

Tax/Payroll Guidelines and Complimentary Consultation with Tax Professional

Ongoing Support throughout the Employment

Our job-specific recruiting ensures we match you with a private educator that exceeds your standards. Most families will meet their perfect match in 3-4 weeks after consultation, yet this can vary depending on your unique case. We value your time and review candidates promptly so your child can get started as soon as possible. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Wee Care will provide a replacement teacher if desired. Wee Care is all-ears for any concern you might have. Our private educators help ensure your student is reaching their educational goals, and adjust course as needed!

Schedule a complimentary professional consultation for in-home education! We look forward to boosting your child’s learning and development -on your terms!