New York infant specialists

Newborn Care Specialists

Wee Care represents only the preeminent Newborn Care Specialists in the industry. Our Newborn Care Specialists are vetted; background checked, dedicated, and have 5-star references from previous families. Newborn Specialists are experienced newborn caregivers proficient in all areas of newborn baby care and parental support and education. Whether you need loving care for your baby so you can get some well-deserved sleep, an expert in the care of multiples, getting a newborn on a sleep schedule, or just an extra pair of hands, Wee Care Nanny can provide a Newborn Care Specialist that meets your needs.

Temporary Services Include:

Newborn Care Specialists

Newborn Care Specialists are compassionate and supportive newborn specialists who generally work 12- or 24-hour shifts for a short period of time (usually 1 to 20 weeks). Our Newborn Care Specialists assist new moms with every aspect of baby care–feeding, diapering, washing and sterilizing bottles, bathing techniques, umbilical cord, and circumcision care and help with reflux. Additionally, our  Newborn Care Specialists help to set up a sleep schedule, maintain the nursery, keep daily logs, and provide breastfeeding support. Newborn Care Specialists typically do not have any duties outside of the nursery.

Night Nannies

Night Nannies come forward with long-term newborn and infant experience. A Wee Care Night Nanny typically arrives in the evening and cares for your baby until the following morning, allowing exhausted parents to get a night of much-needed sleep. They are generally hired for a few weeks to a couple of months. Our Night Nannies can provide a flexible work arrangement such as working every other night; just for work nights or 7 days per week. The hours can vary as well.


Gift Certificates:

For the mom-to-be in your life, a Newborn Care Specialist gift certificate makes a wonderful present from a grandparent or other loving family member that wants to help and share in the upcoming joyful experience. Gift Certificates can be purchased for any amount and are good for up to 18 months from the date of purchase.  Give your family and yourself the peace and rest you all deserve and call Wee Care (203) 359-8410 to order your gift certificate.

What can I expect to pay my Newborn Care Specialist?

The rates Newborn Care Specialists charge will vary based on their experience, education, job details, location of assignment, and the number of newborns to be cared for. We will work with you and the Newborn Specialist to determine appropriate market-based compensation.

Agency fee:

The agency fee is a percentage of the total gross compensation paid to the Newborn Care Specialist during employment. Because Wee Care represents the most sought-after Newborn Care Specialists in the industry, a deposit is required in order to reserve a Newborn Specialist for your family. The deposit will be applied towards the agency fee.