New York Temporary Nanny Care

Temporary Care

If your work lives are in flux, we understand you are unable to make a permanent commitment to a nanny. Some of you also want temporary coverage due to daycare closures, sick children, sick nannies, pregnancy bed rest or just a night out with your spouse! No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Rest assured that we use only our experienced nannies to fill any temporary babysitting positions. The philosophy behind this is simple- our professional nannies make the best sitters. Our temporary nannies are either supplementing their current full-time nanny position, interviewing for a permanent nanny position, or filling in prior to starting a new position.

Our experienced and dedicated temporary nannies are available seven days a week during days, evenings, overnights and weekends. We also offer same-day coverage for emergencies.

Temporary Services Include:

On-Call Nannies

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you need care fast. Wee Care Sitters can provide experienced, qualified, nurturing sitters and other domestic household help for a few hours to a few days to get you through a crunch or simply give you a break.

On-call nannies are available for daycare closures, sick children, fill-in for an absent nanny, date night or any other temporary coverage need. Our temporary nannies can be booked for a day, an evening, or an overnight.

Temporary Nannies

This service, part of Wee Care Sitters, is for clients who need a nanny to work a set schedule per week for a short period of time (usually 1 to 20 weeks or more). The goal of the temporary nanny service is to help clients get through a lapse in childcare coverage or a period of uncertainty about whether to hire a nanny. If a member hires their current temporary nanny on a permanent basis, Wee Care will credit the paid annual membership toward the long-term placement fee. Membership in Wee Care Sitters ($249 annually) is required to use the temporary nanny service.

Daily booking fee: $30 to $40* per day or $495 per month, whichever is less.

Booking fees for a Temporary Nanny are charged at the time of confirmation of a Nanny and are Non-Refundable.

Corporate Back-Up Care

Your business depends on your employees being able to come to work. But even the most dedicated staffers won’t make it to the office if they have child-care issues. Anything from children with the sniffles, a mild stomach bug, nannies who don’t show up, to school snow days can throw a wrench into your employees’ plans.

Wee Care Sitters offers back-up childcare for your company. We provide exceptionally warm and nurturing sitters to stay with your employees’ children–in their own homes and on their own terms. Give your employees the peace of mind that comes with being able to do their very best knowing their children are being cared for by the very best.

Just as no two companies are exactly alike, there’s no one-size-fits-all plan for corporate back-up care. Only you can determine the needs of your firm and employees. We can customize a plan to your specifications.


Which employees are eligible to sign up for back-up care with us, whether the whole company or just your top management team.

How many days of back-up care per year you’d like to offer eligible employees.

How much of our agency and nanny fees you’d like to reimburse eligible employees.

Give Wee Care a call today!

Special-Event Child Care

Are child-care difficulties preventing loved ones from committing to your special event? If you’ve invited family and friends to
town for a wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, confirmation, graduation party or any other celebration, we can help.

Whether you need care for just one child or a group, an infant or a tween, for a night or over the course of a weekend, our fun and experienced nannies will keep your guests’ children comfortable and entertained during your event.

Our nannies can baby-sit in a private home, in a hotel or at a catering hall–whatever works best for you and your guests. Everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will have a better time at your celebration knowing their children are well cared for.


Becoming a member of Wee Care Sitters for a yearly fee of $249 means you’ll get a number of exclusive benefits.  Members receive priority of service over non-members, the option to request your specific provider as well as access to on-call Placement Manager to secure coverage after office hours. You can request an-on-call nanny by completing the online request form, via email or by calling us directly on weekdays from 8:00 am-5:30 pm and from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays.

You’re given priority status which can be especially valuable during busy times of the year. This includes reduced rates on booking fees for all temporary providers including- nannies, night nannies, sitters, eldercare companions, party servers, and housekeepers.

Member Fees:

Daily Booking Fee: $30 per day

Overnight care booking fee (dinner to breakfast): $35

Round the clock (24-hour period) booking fee: $40

Holiday Booking Fee: $20 additional charge

Additional $20 if less than 24 hours’ notice

Emergency Booking: additional $35 if less than 5 hours’ notice

Upon confirmation of an On-Call Nanny, the booking fee will be processed and is non-refundable.  If a booking is canceled with less than 48-hours’ notice, you will also be responsible for paying the nanny for 4-hours at her confirmed rate.

Non-Member Fees:

Daily Booking Fee: $60 per day

Overnight care booking fee (dinner to breakfast): $70

Round the clock (24-hour period) booking fee: $80

Holiday Booking Fee: $40 additional charge

Additional $40 if less than 48-hours’ notice.

Emergency Booking: Not available to non-members.